Welcome to the Nakusp Hospice Society


The purpose of the Nakusp Hospice Society is to offer support by a community network of caring people:

  • Individuals facing life-threatening illness, terminal illness, or bereavement.
  • Their families and friends, and their caregivers.


Hospice care, also known as palliative care, is a philosophy of care that focuses on patient comfort and quality of life, rather than curing the patient’s disease. When illness is no longer responsive to treatment aimed at cure, we offer palliative care, care aimed at making the recipient as comfortable as possible.


We believe each individual is unique, to be valued, affirmed, and treated with dignity, respect and understanding. Individual choices will be respected to allow life to be lived fully until death occurs.

We believe that, although death is a time of sadness and separation, it is part of life’s journey that can be embraced with contentment, serenity and hope.

We believe those in the last state of living must be given quality care and support to meet their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs, to enable them to die with peace and dignity.

We believe that pain and suffering encompass many emotions, and often result in the loss of autonomy (to accept that which we cannot change, so that each person is free to participate in life). We recognize that spiritual pain is individual and that each individual’s ability to cope must be respected and supported.

We believe that life is a precious and fragile journey of growth and development.


Nakusp Hospice Society was incorporated in December 1997 with a board of seven individuals and numerous volunteers and a hospice coordinator. Since then, Hospice has been active in the community providing hospice care in the home, care homes, and hospital with a board of 8 members and 20 trained volunteers. The Nakusp Hospice Society is a member of the B.C. Hospice Palliative Care Association.

We have trained Volunteers who can provide the following for individuals needing End-of-Life care:
Companion sitting, “breather” time for family members, companionship in the form of reading, letter writing, listening without judging or giving advice, respecting personal beliefs.

There are two Hospice dedicated beds, one in the acute care section of Arrow Lakes Hospital, and the other in Minto House Extended Care unit when care can no longer be provided at home.

For further information on Hospice, please contact Cindy Geeraert at 250-265-7179.

“You are not alone……asking for help can make a difficult road easier”